Between the Piers

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Between the Piers

What happens when you spend
your life searching for
something,  only to find you
already have it?


Set to the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tides, Between the Piers revolves around the weather-beaten Alan who, armed with a metal detector, sweeps the beach each day in search of his mum's lost wedding ring.

His mum Martha scans his progress through binoculars from her rest home, and each afternoon sifts through Alan’s unearthed treasures, from broken bracelets to bullets, to decide what’s worth keeping and what to sell.

And with a fishing rod propped beside him, Alan's mate Tenchy sits beside the pier every day scouring the horizon for his brother’s return.

Three lives each given meaning by their daily rituals.

But when two youths invade Alan's patch, the comfortable equilibrium is shattered, and Alan, Martha and Tenchy must reconsider what they are really searching for.